Custom Made Silicone Earplugs

Custom made Earplugs are created from a silicone impression of your ear so they fit PERFECTLY. There is no discomfort, no pressure and they don’t move in your ear. You can wear them for hours on end in perfect comfort and safety. They are airtight and water tight so they’re perfect for both watersports and noise isolation. In fact they have so many uses the list just goes on and on and on…. For example, they are perfect for:

• Working, Playing, Sleeping, Swimming, Biking, Surfing, Shooting, Partying, Flying, Sporting, Racing, Riding, DIYing, Snoring, Mountaineering, etc.

For more information why not check out the FAQ section – most questions are answered there.

So what about being able to hear in noisy situations? Well let’s face it there are so many times that you want to listen with those earphones but you can’t because of the ambient noise – perhaps they don’t seal your ears under the helmet, or the hiss of the air conditioning in the plane is too loud, maybe they fall out when you’re jogging. In all of these situations you need Custom Made Earplugs that seal your ears and feed the sound directly through the plugs and into your ear canal. This gives you optimal sound quality at minimal volume so it’s also the safest way to enjoy your MP3 and iPod. At Healthy Ears we can make custom made earplugs with your favourite earbud set inside to give you that optimum sound clarity.
The earbud can easily be removed from your Audio Plug for easy of cleaning.

Custom Made Earplugs: Types

Standard Earplugs:

Maximum noise and water isolation from the most comfortable ear protection anywhere in the world. Various colours, cord attachments, floating or non-floating etc…


Audio Earplugs:

Best sound quality at minimum volume in maximum noise – perfect for bikers, cyclists, long haul flyers etc…


Replacement Earplugs:

If you have a custom earplug already then I can make replacements for you. Just send your plugs to me and you can have new plugs in the style you want or maybe have them converted to Audio Earplugs. Read on …

Special Offer:

Buy one pair of earplugs and get a spare pair HALF PRICE!

  • Some plugs can be ready within minutes! Spare plugs and Audio plugs need laboratory processing and can take up to 1 week.
  • Well they come in Red, Blue, Beige (skin tone), green, yellow, orange and pink.
  • The plugs can be joined by a cord. Many people who use the plugs for swimming and motorcycling are not keen on the cord – it’s very much a personal preference. There is only a £5 charge for having a cord attached.
  • Each set of plugs comes with a carry pouch along with care instructions and some sterile wipes to help set you on the road to hygienic plug use. All included in the very low price.
  • These plugs are perfect for children who have grommets in situ. They will seal the ears from water. It is very important to acknowledge that water entering the grommet may well induce an infection. Prevention is so much better than cure. As young children’s ears change size over a short period of time we have a special material that will keep it’s shape and size for 6 months for a much reduced price, thus making any repeated earplugs cheaper.